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The lovely and hot Kaley Cuoco



They never want to stay in their place 😜

I really like these pictures.  Do you guys like them too?  I’ve never gotten over 600 likes on a picture before, but if I can get that many on this one I will just be so very very happy.  Reblog and like it, por favor?  I will love you all forever and maybeeee I will give you all a special treat if it gets there :P




Siblings and Tumblr


Towards the end of our last visit you entered me from on top and eventually let yourself build up your orgasm inside of me….and you ordered me to open my eyes and look at you.

It was overwhelmingly intense to be with you like that after all we had experimented with and experienced beforehand…

…I relive that moment in my head often.

Makes mwonder just what shade of green those eyes actually are.